Contacts, Rain, & Events of Possible Spiritual Importance

Life Updates: It’s raining, damp, warm, and muggy, but there are still signs of fall: a few changing leaves, squirrels scurrying around clutching food, students returning to school, the supermarket apples are starting to taste more real. There’s a chill – not a temperature chill, but a chill that sort of gets into you – thanks to the rain. Something I should get used to, if I’m living in the Netherlands for the next few months!

This morning I had an eye appointment – got trial contacts. I wore them three hours today, four tomorrow, five the next day, etc. They sadly had to change my prescription – I miss the days of my perfect eyesight =/ I walked the three miles home and only got misted on, which was quite nice, plus I got some exercise and experienced being able to see far distances without my glasses! I was glad to take the contacts out at noon, though, because they were starting to irritate me. Had some issues getting them out >.<

I’ll probably make myself a cup of ginger tea in a bit, and I might go and get pumpkin spice lattes (yum!) with a friend before she leaves for school – in Scotland =/

It’s pouring out now, which I think is just so beautiful, and the sound is my favorite in the world.

Spiritual Updates: There’s a chance my “prayers” are being heard by Manannán mac Lir and Brighid.

I’ve taken to listening to Druidcast, a podcast made by the Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids. Last night I decided to listen to one of the old episodes. I picked one at random – it happened to be the third episode. I knew I chose the right one when Damh the Bard outlined the episode as he always does and said there would be a myth of Manannán mac Lir! It was a particularly beautiful version of the King Cormac story and I can’t seem to find the exact one online. The episode can be heard here (I also love the “Power of the Story” clip done by Philip Carr-Gomm). After, I thanked Manannán mac Lir for directing me to such a good myth and also to a place where I could finally hear his name pronounced.

This morning, I sat by the lake before my eye appointment, because I had to be dropped off early. The place was filled with seagulls – geese are common there, but I’ve never seen seagulls before. I don’t like seagulls much, but they are obviously strongly associated with the ocean. And, I just realized now, at work last night, a woman left a pile of things she was going to buy on the counter, and everything was ocean related – a book called “Gift of the Sea”, sea-scented candles, seashell decor. (She never bought any of it.)

As for Brighid, there have been quite a few flames and candles around me as of late, and my cough has been getting much better. I’ve also been getting bursts of inspiration and motivation, which is great because, wherever that’s coming from, my will-power to do things like exercise, eat properly, and sleep is basically non-existent.

Something I found of interest on the Practical Magic tumblr…a post was made saying “If you want a new relationship, clean out your closet…this symbolically tells the universe that you’ve cleaned out all the bad stuff to make room for the new relationship…” I actually have been cleaning out my closet, as I pack for school. I’ve gotten rid of some stuff, donated some things, moved things to storage. And I’m looking for relationships with deities. Perhaps the universe noticed?

I could just be totally reading into this. I could just want to see signs. I’ve never been one of the “god-bothered”, and I wasn’t even sure if I was a polytheist until recently. But these things could be relevant. I’m not deciding anything yet, just keeping an eye out and recording possible encounters.

In other news, I’ve found some good Irish Celtic histories, stories, and myths websites. Haven’t had time to explore them yet, but hopefully I will soon!


2 thoughts on “Contacts, Rain, & Events of Possible Spiritual Importance

  1. I would say they’re relevant. I’ve always looked at signs like that. Also… wow. Today I was given the strangest impulse to clean my own closet out this weekend. Just out of the blue. Then I decide I need to read blogs and this one is at the top.

    That’s a sign to me.

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