Summer Day by the Sea

Spending the weekend at my grandparents’ by the ocean. It’s a beautiful day – warm but not hot, a nice wind, blue skies, bright sun. The bay is visible from my grandparents’ porch, where I had breakfast.

It’s always a little stressful coming here, because my grandmother has alzheimer’s and my own mother’s emotions are quite touchy because of it, but we provide important services. This morning I helped Dad fix and repaint some windows (got blue paint in my hair, whoops!), made a pasta salad for a potluck my grandmother is going to, and babysit her when mom went to run errands. Us being here means Papa gets to go out golfing with his friends. There were some arguments and tears today, but let’s dwell on the positive! I discovered my grandparents have BBC America (a channel I sadly lack at home) and Grammy is watching the Doctor Who Marathon (“Night Terrors” currently) with me. She actually won’t let me change the channel, which makes me very happy haha xD

Still sick today – hacking up quite a bit of icky. I’m hoping that means I’m on the mend – worse before better type of thing. Reading lots more blogs and articles and TC threads today, plus taking an online class.

It took me a while to get around to it, but I took a shower at around 2PM (who needs clothes to do chores and homework?). The reason I bring this up is because my grandparents have an outdoor shower – and I love it. There’s something incredible about being able to look up and see the sun shining, star-like, through the trees. There’s something beautiful and magical about feeling the sea breeze on your entire body. There’s something calming about knowing the water is going right back into the ground instead of down a drain. One of the coolest things that can happen in an outdoor shower is for it to rain – I have been caught in several summer showers and thunderstorms in years past!

Changed my theme this morning! I like this one much better – less bulky, and you don’t have to scroll down through an entire article to get to the next one. For now, this one works 🙂

Today’s To Do List:

  • Finish my online course
  • Figure out a Wiki or Weebly platform to bettor organize my online sources for religious studies (NO MORE BOOKMARKS)
  • Fix my categories on this blog
  • Watch the new Doctor Who tonight (9PM)

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