Rambling Update, Time to Get My Thoughts in Order

I literally just now re-discovered rainy mood (http://www.rainymood.com/) and am listening to it as I type this. Rain is my favorite sound. So calming and beautiful. Thunder is quite awesome too, although not as good for sleeping xD

Last night was a bit cold; it’s really starting to feel like fall! I did a deep breathing exercise for meditation practice, and am determined to do it at least once a day – I’m stealing a method from a fantasy book series by Tamora Pierce, where you breathe in for a count of 7, hold for 7, breather out for 7, hold for 7, and repeat. During this, I did another healing visualization – breathe in silver moonlight, breathe out the sickness – and then spoke to/at Manannán mac Lir and Brighid. I’ve done this for a couple nights now. I’m not dedicating myself or anything, I’m just starting a conversation, letting the deities know I’m here. I’ve read a little of each of the main Irish Celtic deities and these two, for various reasons, have caught my attention.

I had a strange but vivid dream. Even more strange was that it did not turn into a nightmare, as do most dreams I remember. It started with me moving into the dorms at school, then some of us went out to eat at a seafood restaurant. A man sat at a table shelling crabs and shrimp. We were on a deck overlooking a crazed sea; it was beautiful and terrifying. One woman (I’m not sure who, or maybe I forgot) fell over the rail into the sea. Someone attached a rope to me and I jumped in after her. We were pulled up and she wasn’t breathing. started chest compressions and luckily she spat out the water and opened her eyes. I don’t remember anything else.

I was coughing less this morning (although it picked up a bit later in the day). A good sign, I hope!  Also did my sun salutations – so far, so good 😀

Took another shower outdoors – this time there was a rainbow in the water, and I was blinded by the bright sun (is it just me, or does the morning sun always seem the clearest and brightest of the whole day?). I was required to go to church, a downside of staying over the grandparents’ until Sunday. I actually kind of like churches architecturally – they can be very impressive, and I do have to say, what I miss about Christianity is the community, the sense of everyone believing the same thing and at least having those values in common. (One of the reasons I’m so happy to have found the Pagan Tumblr, blog, and The Cauldron communities is that I can fully realize I’m not alone in my endeavors, even if we don’t all have the exact same beliefs.)

Papa took us all out to lunch at a seafood restaurant. We sat on the deck. No one fell in the water, which was nice, because I’m not quite ready to try out my CPR skills in real life.

It was a little upsetting saying good-bye. I won’t see my grandparents before I leave for school, and then I won’t see them for three months. And my grandmother has open heart surgery in October, which she may not recorver from, or it may make her alzheimer’s worse. Or it could be fine. But it worries me and I’m not sure how to overcome that.

On another scary note: the girl who was visiting our cat one day this weekend informed us that she found him locked inside my parents’ bedroom. He’d been there for about a day and a half. My poor baby =/ I feel so bad, though he seemed fine when we got home, and we were told he seemed fine besides a little angry. He caused quite the stink in there. A friend of mine pointed out he was probably only awake for five out of all the hours he was in there thanks to all his sleeping xD

Most of my friends (the ones who aren’t going abroad with me) moved into school today. That was a bit depressing. Helped one of my friends pack for school tonight – makes me realize exactly how much I have to do to get ready. I’ve got a few more things on my to-do list tonight, then meditation, then conversation, then sleep. Six hours of work tomorrow (ugh), an eye appointment and four hours of work Tuesday, and TONS on my get-ready-for-school-to-do list!


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