Life Update

Got feedback on some of my Bardic Youth Course assignments today. My mentor gave me some mediation advice (1.2) that I will have to try:

“Instead of thinking of this as a meditation think of it as a visualisation that you are going to step into. Sit or lie somewhere relaxed, steady your breathing, and then step in. Try using all of your senses, sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and that sixth sense of feel. This helps draw you into the visualisation more fully. And have fun, please, don’t do this as a lesson as this immediately adds pressure.”

For my name analysis (1.3), she suggested I try the Chaldean method of Numerology as well as the Ogham equivalents. The reason she suggested this was because I mentioned that I don’t feel my name fits me very well. Perhaps my name fits me in terms of numerical analysis or ancient equivalents. I will post the results on this when I’ve done them!

Also went to the doctor’s this morning, regular check-up combined with the fact that I have been sick for going on 30 days. I’m now being treated for walking pneumonia (although that’s not what I have – it’s either whooping cough or a bad cold) which means antibiotics which means annoying stomach problems. Hopefully all this can be cleared up before I leave for three months!

While picking up meds and some other things at CVS, I made an impulsive buy: Altoids. I think I might try making a travel altar, mostly so that I have a place to focus while I’m studying abroad. Sadly, I don’t like Altoids so I’ll probably just be throwing those out, but I needed a box! I’ll discuss this more in a separate post.

Cedric says hello from his spot on the bed:


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