Scholarly Start

Woke up this morning to find my brother off to the first day of high school (senior year for him!) and to find myself hacking up disgusting gunk, as I have done every morning for three weeks with this awful cold.

Last night I worked on/completed several Bardic Youth Course assignments, and this morning I uploaded them to be reviewed by my mentor.

1.2: a reflection on a mediation

1.3: a reflection of my given name

2.1: a creative work for Beltane (I wrote a so-so poem)

As Bel’s heat begins
to dry up the dews of spring,
light the bonfires
to aide the sun.

As the land strengthens
so do the animals,
so do the plants,
and all grows.

As the summer goes
thoughts of winter
are burned out
until Bel’s fires fade.

2.2-2.5: some very basic Wheel of the Year labeling

I followed this with a set of two sun salutations to music by Alexander Gluzanov. I’m still getting back in the swing of them, but even those brief exercises make my back feel better in the morning.

I’d like to stay on task. All of that took my longer than I had hoped, because I got distracted by things like facebook and tumblr and TC. I have a lot to do today – time is running out before I have to go back to school, and I need to be ready by then!


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